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EZ to buy               

  • Visit a stocking dealer or Contact us.
  • Select a pump station based upon your system's valve size.
  • Ask about warranty and service.
  • Use your good credit through a stocking dealer.
EZ   TO INSTALL         

  • A concrete pad (48 x 48 X4 inches) is recommended to set pump skid and enclosure.
  • Connect suction and discharge pipes.
  • Connect electric service to electric distribution panel.
  • Prime the pump and start irrigating!


  • Starts on demand at 30 psi.
  • Stops with no flow condition.
  • Adjustments are not necessary. Circuits are tested at the factory.

EZ Pump Station 132    
15 to 30 gpm @ 50 psi
   Three hp, pressure start
   pump station for
   systems using 1 inch

   SP-3-C A Best Buy!
15 to 30 gpm @ psi. Three hp, controller start pump station for systems using 1 inch valve

A Work Horse!
30 to 65 gpm @ 55 psi
Five hp, pressure start station for systems using 1-1/2 inch valves. Use two SP-5 stations when you need single phase ten hp and 140 gpm.

EZ Pump Station 130SP-7-PS
EZ Irrigation signature pump station.
120 gpm @ 65 psi
Top of the Line!
When  only a 7.5 horsepower pump station will do. This self-priming Griswold pump station features a Weg TEFC motor and will provide up to 120 gpm at 65 psi. Shut off head is 85 psi. Purchase this pump if your system demands high pressures and uses two inch zone valves to 100 gpm.

General Specifications

Standard Features include:
  • welded aluminum skid
  • self priming centrifugal pump
  • electric distribution panel with separate motor and control circuits
  • MAG starter with overload protection in weatherproof enclosure
  • loss of prime protection
  • flow switch
  • check valve
  • pressure switch
  • pressure tank

Optional Features include:

  • EZ Pump Station 110Fiberglass security enclosure
    48" x 48" x 42" high